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From  small  business  to  globally  sought-after  specialist

We started off as a family business with just two people. And even though ERBO has stayed in the family, today we work with a team of 35 highly qualified employees. Every one of them has their own special skills, but together we share a common goal: to create the best all-round solution for our customers in the area of extraction and chip processing. We think out of the box and find innovative solution for your particular use case – wherever in the world you are located, and whatever machining sector you are working in. We are proud of our development over the years. This leaves just one question: what’s next?


The early days

In 1979, ERBO FILTERSYSTEME GmbH is founded in Stuttgart by Günter Boltjes with a team of just two people. The name ERBO is a portmanteau of Erika Boltjes’ name, Günter Boltjes’ wife and co-founder of the company. In 1986, the company moves to new premises with a surface area of 300m2


In 1987, the next generation in the form of Hans-Jörg Boltjes joins the company. The company expands and gains more and more customers on the European market.


Extraction system in 1982


Generational change in management

In 1996, Hans-Jörg Boltjes takes over the company from his father and continues the tradition of the family business. Subsequently, the company expands into the Asian and American markets.


In 1997, ERBO is already employing a staff of 12 and increases the size of its plant to encompass 600m2 of assembly, storage and office space.  


Over time, the company is opening up new fields of activity, such as the first extraction system for laser processing in the circuit board industry (1999) or the first extraction system for edge strips and skeletons in 2002.


Move to Magstadt

In 2004, the system planning switches to 3D design technology.


By now, ERBO has gained an international reputation for extraction systems and is growing steadily. 


In March 2007, the company moves to the new 1800m2 company headquarters in Magstadt. 


ERBO headquarters today


Continuing success

In 2010, ERBO delivers their first extraction system for 5-axis processing.  


2014 sees the commissioning of the biggest chip handling system so far in the company history. This system, developed and installed by ERBO, disposes of approx. 4 tons of aluminium chips per hour.


And the success story continues: in 2015, a central extraction system for punching waste is installed on a total of 80 machines.


The first fully automated system developed by ERBO for the conveyance and transport of aluminum edge strips and metal sheet scrap goes into operation in 2016.


Fit for the future

In 2017, a new product series is developed specially for short plastic and aluminum chips.


In 2019, ERBO celebrates its 40-year anniversary.


In 2023, ERBO takes over DELTOID. The DELTOID products, of renowned quality in the industry, expand the ERBO portfolio for the extraction of edge strips and skeletons.


The same year sees a reshuffle of the ERBO management team: Moritz Hertfelder and Tim Fischer join the team in January of 2023. Both have been with ERBO for many years, Moritz Hertfelder in Sales and Tim Fischer in Engineering. This step secures the continuity at ERBO – and puts the company in an optimal position for the future.


Management trio for ERBO’s future:
Tim Fischer, Hans-Jörg Boltjes and Moritz Hertfelder 
(left to right)

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