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As a solid family business with more than 40 years of experience in the machining industry and chip processing, we plan, develop and install innovative extraction systems appreciated by customers all over the world. More about us


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With know-how and foresight, we are your partner for tailor-made custom systems. Right from the start, we focus on the safe, reliable and efficient process flow in your company. Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation – with ERBO you enjoy an excellent service including detailed on-site analysis, development of a system tailored to your business, comprehensive project management and rapid troubleshooting when needed. In 2023, the reputable DELTOID products were folded into our portfolio.


As a specialist for tailor-made systems engineering, we enjoy global success.



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DELTOID is part of ERBO and supplies you with quality products for the extraction of edge strips and skeletons. More information on edge strip extraction for aluminum and paper.

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Wherever manufacturing processes produce chips, ERBO systems are in demand We offer solutions for different materials. ERBO does more than just extract the chips: our innovative technology turns scrap into valuable raw materials.


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Most students do a working student job during their time at university. Alexander Klenk is one of them, joining us as student trainee since 2019. For us it's especially important that even as a part-time employee or temporary helper, you are firmly integrated into our projects and a full member of #teamERBO.

Alexander started at ERBO with an internship and later remained with us as student trainee, alongside his studies in mechatronics at the University of Stuttgart. He mainly supports the project planners in all processes: for example, he makes CAD drawings, layout planning or assembly instructions. Apart from this, he works on the development of remote maintenance through automated mails.

Alexander's career is an ideal example, as he has been able to get to know ERBO from the very beginning, gain practical experience and, in addition, contribute valuable insights from theory to our business. Both sides benefit – and in the end, we gain a colleague who is a perfect fit for us, both professionally and personally. 🤝 So, Alex, when will you finally be finished and join us permanently? 🤭

Would you like to learn more about being a student trainee at ERBO? We are always looking for motivated people! Contact us!

When EMO Hannover is coming up, we can't miss it. Following the motto "Innovate Manufacturing", the latest technological, strategic and organizational trends are presented at the world's leading trade fair for production technology. Find out more about automatic extraction and intelligent swarf handling during ongoing production operations at the ERBO booth G66 in Hall 6, from September 18 to 23 in Hannover, Germany.

In Ohio, USA, we installed several central extraction systems for a dealer for aluminum products. Together, they create a volume flow of around 100,000 cubic meters per hour! The special feature of this project was that the systems are located in a separate part of the building. Therefore, ventilation and heating of the extraction room were also included in the scope of supply.

In 2010, we delivered the first extraction system for 5-axis machining and have thus once again tapped into an important market. Especially in the mold-making sector when working with fiber-composite materials on 3- and 5-axle milling machines, dust and chip removal during operation is an important factor for increasing production efficiency. ERBO specializes in both applications: direct extraction at the tool as well as room extraction of the entire machine.

Louis Massagué Zimmerer recently passed his master’s degree with top marks – a great achievement that we are very happy about. And we are even happier that Louis has become a permanent part of #teamERBO after his graduation and to have such an innovative colleague on board! 💯

Louis has been with us for quite a while now. After graduating from school, he first worked for us as a warehouse clerk and later began a dual study program as an industrial engineer for production and logistics with us. During that time, he took care of projects regarding the optimization of processes. For example, Louis introduced mobile data capture with scanners and restructured our warehouse to make better use of it and save space. 💡 In his master's thesis, Louis then looked at our new factory site across the street and created a factory planning concept for us.

After graduating, Louis moved from production and logistics to sales. There, he was primarily involved in the acquisition of DELTOID and is now sales manager for DELTOID products. This is particularly exciting, as it allows us to tap into new product areas, such as aluminum foil. And Louis is also a perfect fit when it comes to the interpersonal level, because he is open-minded, communicative and loves to travel. When it's not for work, he visits his Catalan grandparents near the Costa Brava. 🏖️

What you can see here is one of our plants from a customer in New York, USA. The plant extracts laminated PU edge strips. The special feature of this plant is an explosion suppression and a safety filter, as the exhaust air is returned to the production rooms. 💨

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