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As a solid family business with more than 40 years of experience in the machining industry and chip processing, we plan, develop and install innovative extraction systems appreciated by customers all over the world. More about us


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With know-how and foresight, we are your partner for tailor-made custom systems. Right from the start, we focus on the safe, reliable and efficient process flow in your company. Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation – with ERBO you enjoy an excellent service including detailed on-site analysis, development of a system tailored to your business, comprehensive project management and rapid troubleshooting when needed. In 2023, the reputable DELTOID products were folded into our portfolio.


As a specialist for tailor-made systems engineering, we enjoy global success.




DELTOID is part of ERBO and supplies you with quality products for the extraction of edge strips and skeletons. More information on edge strip extraction for aluminum and paper.

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Our customers

Wherever manufacturing processes produce chips, ERBO systems are in demand We offer solutions for different materials. ERBO does more than just extract the chips: our innovative technology turns scrap into valuable raw materials.


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A student teacher for German and history who can assemble a pneumatic slide? We have one! Jana M. has decided to do something – at first glance – completely unrelated to her studies as a part-time job: She works for us as a student trainee. Well, her brother, who’s also part of Hashtag#teamERBO, was perhaps not entirely uninvolved in the decision. And yet: at second glance, ERBO has more to do with her being a teacher than you might think!

Jana, like all our students so far, helps with everything that comes up. She first worked in the warehouse, then in purchasing, then in sales. A bit of everything. In the warehouse, she looked after one of our interns, which was pretty close to her future career as a teacher. And besides, we also have class clowns, nerds and people who never do their homework... 🤣 So the connection is not so far-fetched at all! 

In any case, we are very happy that Jana supports us in all matters. With her friendly and open manner, she gets on with everyone and is always ready to help. It's a shame that she'll finish her Master's degree at some point. But then we can always come back to you for educational tips, dear Jana! 😉 

Let's beam down to Sierre in the canton of Valais in beautiful Switzerland. 🏔️ This is where one of our extraction systems for an ingot milling machine in the aluminum industry is located. Around 4.5 tons of chips are extracted per hour and automatically transported into containers. 💪 ✨

ERBO offers solutions for various branches. One of them is the aluminium industry. Our project engineers are aware of the many different challenges in this industry. They know exactly which problems occur with swarf and filings, what is needed during further transport, disposal, and recycling, and which special applications are necessary. Learn more on our website and get in touch with us!

Very soon, in February, Patrick Horn will be celebrating his first ERBO anniversary! The trained tool mechanic came to Hashtag#teamERBO through mutual contacts when he was looking for a new challenge. Before joining ERBO, he worked at a gin start-up in Stuttgart, so he knows a thing or two about good drinks. 🤩 🍸 

Patrick supports our colleagues in the service office with spare parts sales and the project planning team with the organization and preparation of quotations. Since this year, he has also been supporting sales, particularly for our DELTOID products. And on top of all that, Patrick is also always available for IT problems – he has really got to grips with this, even though he didn't actually learn it.

As you can see, with Patrick, it's not easy to say what he does, because he helps out in many areas and supports his colleagues wherever he can, as many of our employees do. Teamwork! 💪

Patrick plays tennis in his spare time, which is a welcome change, as many of the ERBO employees are handball players. 😉 For us, bringing Patrick on board in February 2023 was just the right shot to start the match! 🎾

As we look back at ERBO's history, in 2017, there was another innovation: a new series was developed, especially for short plastic and aluminum chips.

Hello from EUROGUSS 👋 The new year has started and with it the trade fair season for us. We are here in Nuremberg until Thursday. Pay us a visit and get in touch with us!

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