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As a solid family business with more than 40 years of experience in the machining industry and chip processing, we plan, develop and install innovative extraction systems appreciated by customers all over the world. More about us


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With know-how and foresight, we are your partner for tailor-made custom systems. Right from the start, we focus on the safe, reliable and efficient process flow in your company. Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation – with ERBO you enjoy an excellent service including detailed on-site analysis, development of a system tailored to your business, comprehensive project management and rapid troubleshooting when needed. In 2023, the reputable DELTOID products were folded into our portfolio.


As a specialist for tailor-made systems engineering, we enjoy global success.



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DELTOID is part of ERBO and supplies you with quality products for the extraction of edge strips and skeletons. More information on edge strip extraction for aluminum and paper.


Our customers

Wherever manufacturing processes produce chips, ERBO systems are in demand We offer solutions for different materials. ERBO does more than just extract the chips: our innovative technology turns scrap into valuable raw materials.


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We are once again looking at a project in the copper industry. ✨In Hettstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, we have two extraction systems for plate saws at a customer's site. The special feature here is the automatic alloy separation via a rail system for small containers.

Do you have a similar application situation? Or a completely different one? Whatever it is, we will find a solution for ideal extraction during operation and intelligent chip handling. Contact us at any time!

Even though we are located in the tranquility of Magstadt, Baden-Württemberg, we have customers all over the world! We are well connected, have many international partners and install your extraction system no matter where: Asia, Europe, America, you name it! Our promise of quality knows no national borders. 🌎 ✅

We have been in the PCB industry for many years. Therefore, we know the demands, challenges and risks of this industry very well. In such highly sensitive production sectors, there are many uncertainty factors. So, every fixed parameter, such as a constant and high extraction rate, is a real quality gain. ERBO extraction systems operate fully automatically and reliably. Thus, unscheduled downtimes on drilling and milling machines are a thing of the past.

DELTOID has been part of ERBO since last year. As a result, we have taken on several new projects in the field of edge trim extraction. One of our systems is located in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany, and deals with aluminum edge trim. A material separator and a clean air extraction system are also integrated into the system.

Progress on our construction site! 🏗️

Our range of orders has changed considerably in recent years, from smaller systems to large-scale plant construction. We therefore need a lot more space and height! Thanks to the acquisition of DELTOID, we have more orders in the area of edge trim extraction and the extraction technology for wet chips from CNC machines is also increasing. Thus, the expansion of our capacities was long overdue. 

The lightweight hall that is currently being built here on 700 square meters will be a temporary solution until our new assembly hall is ready for occupancy in 2026. It will then be 1,500 square meters in size and 11 meters high – enough space for ERBO to continue to grow. 🌱 We are happy to see our company advancing further and cannot wait for the final result!

Without the many small individual parts, none of our systems would be at the customer's site, that much is certain. And that in turn requires a lot of organizational talent from Marius Pröll! 🤯 Mari has been working for us in Purchasing for almost four years. From planning to the finished system, he is involved in the entire process at our company.

Together with his colleagues Caro and Susanne, he ensures that all parts from the planners' parts lists are in the right place at the right time. ⌚ For larger projects, he is also responsible for supplier support and price negotiations. 🤝

In his day-to-day work, he has to maintain an overview – and keep processes running quickly. That's why he particularly appreciates the fact that at ERBO, we don’t have any tedious and time-consuming approval processes. Here, decisions are made and then tackled directly.

And even though his job requires him to do many things at once, Mari always remains calm. In his free time, he plays handball – how could it be otherwise? Also, his Labrador dog Emmi keeps him on his toes. Emmi sometimes joins him in the office and puts everyone in a good mood. 🐶

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