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Extraction systems for the aluminum industry


We are your competent partner right from the start. We come on site and thoroughly check the space and the technical requirements for your system. We also work with logistic experts. Our project engineers are aware of the many different challenges in the aluminum industry. They know exactly which problems occur with chips, what is needed during transport, disposal and recycling, and which special applications are necessary.


ERBO offers central extraction systems for:

  • Panel saws 
  • Band saws 
  • Ingot milling machines 
  • Routers
  • Lathes and milling machines 
  • Punching presses 
  • Endless skeletons 
  • Edging strips
  • Dry chips 
  • Wet chips 
  • Long chips
Our service promise

Individualised support

At ERBO you benefit from dedicated, individualised support, which goes a long way to ensuring your operational security. With expensive materials such as aluminum in particular, placing your system in experienced hands saves a great deal of expense and trouble. In addition, we are offering innovative technologies such as the new extraction station for wet chips or special systems for extremely large volumes of chips.

Overview of ERBO systems

Extraction system for aerospace industry suppliers 
Special feature: the chips are extracted at multiple panel saws and then collected in a compacting container. 
Goal: the complete enclosure of the extraction systems on the steel platform including soundproofing

Two extraction systems for panel saws in the copper industry 

Special feature: automatic alloy separation via a small-container rail system

Multiple central extraction systems at an aluminum product merchant for a total of 100,000m³/h  

Special feature: systems are located in a separate building section; ventilation and heating of the extraction room also included in the scope of delivery

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