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ERBO Filtersysteme
ERBO Filtersysteme

ERBO = Innovative plant technology + process optimization and fixed prices!

As a reliable family business with more than 40 years of experience in the aluminum, circuit boardplastics industries as well as swarf processing we offer innovative extraction technology, recommended by customers all over the world.

With expertise and foresight, we are your partner for custom-fit and individual extraction technology. From the outset, our focus remains on the secure and efficient production flow of your company.

Customers with high-standards can expect the best from us:

From extensive analysis, thorough planning of your system, and project management to the on-site installation, we offer complete solutions and comprehensive service – all at guaranteed fixed prices!

Individual extraction solutions – from Europe to the USA and China

ERBO extraction units are quality products that are manufactured in Germany, and in demand around the world. Our customers profit from a wide range of solutions, from the simple extraction unit with swarf container to the fully automatic system for the extraction of several machines, as well as swarf control for augers and conveyor belts with built-in crushing units and briquette presses.

High availability – low operating costs

This guarantees you our sophisticated and individual system solutions with intelligent plant concepts. Fixed prices are not just an empty promise. Through our advance analysis covering all risk factors, outside-the-box thinking of our experts, and solutions that don’t just end at extraction technology, we are able to keep costs down. All of this adds to the competitiveness of our customers.

With their high efficiency and safe operation, our units increase the productivity in your company and offer you planning reliability. 

With custom solutions from ERBO GmbH, your company is sure to excel!


With 10 branches and a 
permanent nucleus of employees,
we take care of our systems in
48 countries.

We’re happy to give you a consultation!

Hans-Jörg Boltjes 
Managing Director

Moritz Hertfelder

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