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ERBO Filtersysteme

Simple, Fast, Safe: Our Service Pledge!

You can expect more than just good service from ERBO. We are there for you in emergencies day and night, if need be. Our engineers consult you directly, personally, and immediately via telephone. Our experience tells us that over 90 percent of all problems can be solved immediately over the phone with “qualified troubleshooting”. In the event of a problem, our fitters and service technicians will analyze and remedy errors on-site, which equates to no machine downtime or idle time!

Everything from one single source, from redevelopment through to retrofitting.

With us, you profit right from the start from individual, specialist support. Whether it’s redeveloping a custom extraction unit or retrofitting your old unit, thanks to our long-term experience, you will gain greater procedural and operational security and cut operating costs. Requirements and challenges are changing rapidly, especially in sectors such as the circuit board ­industry. For extraction technology, this means that permanent adjustments need to be made. With a retrofit, we can modify your existing unit with modern technology and increase its capacity as well as its energy efficiency.

Our all-in-one service brings you security and measurable quality!

We’re happy to give you a consultation!

Hans-Jörg Boltjes 
Managing Director

Moritz Hertfelder

Phone +49 7159 40869-0