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ERBO Filtersysteme
ERBO Filtersysteme

Optimum consultation and support – in every phase of the project!

Are you looking for a custom solution and experienced specialists for extraction technology and swarf processing whom you can absolutely trust? With ERBO, you can play it safe from the outset. From detailed analysis and individual planning and development of your unit, to the final assembly and start-up of your system, you can count on extensive consultation and support. 

For over 40 years, we have specialized in developing tailor-made extraction­ units. With ERBO you receive an extraction unit that is tailored exactly to your operational needs.

Custom solutions for every space

During the on-site analysis, carried out by our experienced project engineers along with you, we will identify the initial approaches to find solutions. We also look to make processes­ run more easily and efficiently within your company. We will then design, develop, and construct your custom-made solution at our CAD-work stations (2D and 3D). We take on full responsibility for project management and plan the development down to the smallest detail. 

This way, you get to profit from the perfect positioning and installation of your system – even in difficult ­spaces. If our analysis shows that you don’t need a custom-made extraction solution, then we can offer you some tried and tested serial products – for example, our centralized extraction units for plate saws. 

Our knowledge spells quality for you.

Of course, the most important benefit for small and large companies alike is that you will receive from us your individual solutions at fixed prices. Our experts make sure from the get-go that all parameters are planned in detail and that your  unit works as efficiently as possible.

We’re happy to give you a consultation!

Hans-Jörg Boltjes 
Managing Director

Moritz Hertfelder

Phone +49 7159 40869-0