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ERBO Filtersysteme
ERBO Filtersysteme

ERBO offers you central extraction units for:

Systemized expertise: Custom solutions for the aluminum industry!

The process begins with our inspection of the situation and the demands it makes on extraction technology. We also work together with logistic experts. Our project engineers are aware of the many different challenges in the aluminum industry. They know exactly which problems occur with swarf and filings, what is needed during further transport, disposal, and recycling, and which special applications are necessary.

Make use of our innovative technologies to avoid costly troubles.

With ERBO, you will benefit from intensive and individual support. You will also acquire a great measure of operational reliability. With expensive materials, particularly aluminum, you will save a great deal of expense and trouble if you place your system in experienced hands. Moreover, you will make use of innovative technologies such as the new extraction station for wet scrap or special units for extremely large volumes of filings and swarf.

ERBO offers you central extraction units for:

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