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ERBO Filtersysteme
ERBO Filtersysteme

Efficient dust, swarf, and filings extraction lends itself to an important competitive edge.

Businesses that don’t evolve will be eliminated by the market.” This golden rule of business is particularly true in the mold-making sector when working with fiber-composite materials on 3- and 5-axle milling machines. There is huge potential to optimize the production process in this area. In sectors such as wind energy and ship, aircraft and car construction, the automation of machining fiber-composite ­materials is constantly on the increase.

Consistent quality with increasing automation

An important factor for increasing production efficiency is dust and swarf disposal for existing 3- and 5-axle milling machines, as these are often not sufficiently hoovered.

ERBO, as manufacturer of innovative extraction units, is specialized in both applications: direct extraction on the tool as well as room extraction of all machines. 

We offer expert consultation to ensure that you receive the extraction unit that is best suited for your company.

Direct or room extraction – which is better?

Direct extraction on the tool allows for minimal cleaning of the machine and its components, and the operating speed increases. However, with the 5-axis milling machine there are certain requirements.

Room extraction is better if components are made of complex molds. Extremely fine and floating dust particles must be collected with air current in order to completely extract them from the machine room. Otherwise, these particles can settle into the bearings and guides of the machines which will add to the wear and maintenance. In addition, fine dust particles pose a huge health risk to employees. 

Therefore, it is imperative to work with an experienced expert such as ERBO. We examine on-site which type of dust and chip extraction will be the most efficient or whether a combination of direct and room extraction is suitable for your company.

Normal extraction

Optimised extraction

We’re happy to give you a consultation!

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