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ERBO Filtersysteme
ERBO Filtersysteme

Retrofit: Make new from old!

Retrofitting your existing extraction unit (the modification and modernization with new, up-to-date technology) can be very useful. Old components are ­exchanged and the unit is updated. 

The benefits for your ­company are obvious:

Retrofitting is much less expensive for you than buying a completely new system. Production volumes and quality are increased. Your unit gains a longer life-span and will work more efficiently. In addition, legal requirements for work safety and emission ­reduction are brought up to standard. The stable foundations of your machine remain intact and there are no high replacement costs for large systems.

With ERBO, the modification of your system is stress-free.

We will carry out a complete modernization or expansion of your extraction unit. ERBO modifies your unit with modern technology and replaces components for which there are no longer spare parts. In this way, your future operation is guaranteed. In addition, by retrofitting your unit, its performance and energy efficiency is optimized by subsequently fitting and adjusting the automation technology. This saves you time and money as the unit is only partially replaced. In addition, your employees require less training as they are already familiar with the machine. 

Old is made new and your extraction unit is once again up-to-date.

We’re happy to give you a consultation!

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Managing Director

Moritz Hertfelder

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