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ERBO Filtersysteme

Up to 50 percent energy savings!

Energy efficiency is very important for many companies in the aluminum and circuit-board industryBut, there is always room for improvement. You can make energy ­savings of 30-50% with extraction units with speed control.

With many existing extraction units, the blower is driven by a gear motor. As a result, the blower motors always run at the same speed, no matter the machine utilization. However, as the utilization is constantly fluctuating due to machine feed, tool changes, and maintenance, the extraction unit is often working at partial-load operation. Consequently, the blower is running at full speed, even though it is not necessary for the machines.

Our new concept for better energy efficiency – tried and true.

The results of tests taken before and after the installation of speed control showed that 30 to 50 percent of energy could be saved when an automatic speed control is installed in an existing extraction unit.

As a result, we developed a system which allows us to update your extraction unit with new energy efficient technology. In addition to the profit of this energy efficiency, there are other advantages:

  • constant extraction capacity at the machines due to constant negative pressure
  • longer motor life thanks to gradual motor start-up and thermal relief in partial operation
  • lower noise emissions due to partially reduced blower capacity

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